How To Remove Lipstick Stain From Lips

Lipstick can be one of the most exciting parts of your make-up routine, and with new versions that are long-lasting and water-resistant, you don’t have to worry about smudging it or reapplying it every couple of hours.

However, that also means your lipstick can be challenging to get off at the night’s end.

You might think that you need expensive lipstick remover to take the lipstick off, but you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank.

We’ve done the research, and learning how to remove lipstick stains from your lips is easy and inexpensive.

All you need are a couple of ordinary household items to take the lipstick off with ease, leaving you free to enjoy your favorite colors.

What You’ll Need

You’ll need a few common household cleaning items to remove lipstick stains from lips.

Now that you have everything you need, read on for step-by-step instructions to learn how to get lipstick off your lips.

1. Apply some oil to a cotton pad

Once you are ready to remove your lipstick, pour a few drops of either baby oil or olive oil onto a cotton pad.

The goal is to moisten the cotton pad enough to transfer the oil to your lips without creating a sopping mess.

If you are trying to remove lipstick from a small or specific area, like the corner of your mouth, you can also dip a cotton swab into the oil.

The cotton swab will allow you more precision than a cotton pad will.

Pro tip: If you do not have baby oil or olive oil, you can also use almond or coconut oil. The important thing is to have an oil that is safe to use around your mouth, and these oils tend to work best.

2. Gently wipe the lipstick stain off

Apply the cotton pad to your lipstick and gently wipe the lipstick away.

Depending upon how long you have been wearing the lipstick, you may need to let the oil sit for 2 minutes to soak into the lipstick and make removal easier.

Wipe the lipstick away with gentle circular motions.

You can repeat as many times as necessary to get all of the lipstick off, but you should see results immediately.

3. Apply a Bit More oil after lipstick Stain Removal

Once you have entirely removed the lipstick from your lips, take a little of the leftover baby oil or olive oil.

Dip your finger into the oil and spread a thin layer on your lips.

You can also use a Q-tip to apply the oil.

Oil is a natural moisturizer, so applying it to your lips serves as a completely natural lip balm.

After wearing lipstick all day, your lips may be a little dry, so using a little oil will help to revitalize your lips and restore any missing moisture. 

Here is a video demonstrating how to remove lipstick stains from your lips.

0:39—Apply baby oil to a cotton pad

0:49—Wipe the cotton pad on the lipstick stain to remove.

1:01—You can also use olive oil. 

1:07—Apply some olive oil to a cotton pad or cotton swab and apply to the lipstick stain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a tissue instead of a cotton pad To Remove Lipstick Stains From Lips?

Although you are probably used to using a tissue to blot your lips immediately after applying your lipstick, we don’t recommend using a tissue or paper towel to remove lipstick at the end of the day.

Paper products don’t handle moisture well, tear easily, and can dry out your lips.

Overall, they are not the best cleaning tool for getting lipstick off of your lips, so we recommend using a cotton pad instead. 

What can I use to get lipstick off if I don’t have any olive oil in the house?

If you don’t have any baby oil or olive oil at home, you can also use petroleum jelly to remove lipstick.

Petroleum jelly is renowned in the world of make-up for moisturizing dry skin, but it can do more than restore dry lips and skin.

Place a dime-sized dollop of the jelly onto your fingertips to get your lipstick off.

Rub the petroleum jelly onto your lips, and then let it sit for one to five minutes.

Then, use a damp towel or washcloth to rub away the petroleum jelly and the lipstick, leaving your lips clean.

If you don’t have any petroleum jelly in the house, you can use some micellar water, also called cleansing water.

If you are serious about make-up, you probably already have this product because it is excellent for removing all kinds of make-up.

It works on lipstick, but micellar water isn’t harsh on your lips, unlike other make-up removers.

Apply a little micellar water to a cotton pad and press it to your lips to get the lipstick off.

Allow the product to work with the lipstick for a few seconds before gently wiping the lipstick away.

Start in the center of your lips and move towards the edges, watching as lipstick wipes cleanly away.

How can I remove dried lipstick on the go? 

If you need to remove your lipstick while you are out of the house, you don’t need to panic or carry oil around everywhere you go.

All you will need is a tube of regular lip balm. Non-tinted lip balm works best.

To remove lipstick on the go, apply your lip balm directly to your lips and allow it to sit for about a minute.

The lip balm will loosen the lipstick, making it easier to remove.

Then, grab either a cotton pad or a paper towel from the bathroom if you don’t have any cotton.

Gently rub your lips in a circular motion until all the lipstick is gone.

Once the lipstick is off, apply a little more lip balm to give your lips some additional moisture.

After wearing lipstick all day, you may need the extra moisture to soothe dry lips.