How To Remove Lipstick From Mirror

Lipstick can be an annoying thing to get off of your mirror.

If you were having fun and put your lipstick on your mirror or someone was playing a prank, you will need to take specific steps to remove lipstick from your mirror.

Don’t worry too much about it if you have found yourself in this tricky situation.

We have been where you are and researched how to remove lipstick from your mirror.

These are not complicated steps, but your lipstick’s waxy and oily ingredients will require specific cleaning solutions. 

What You’ll Need

Now that you have assembled all the materials, keep reading for step-by-step directions showing you how to get lipstick off your mirror.

1. Mix The Cleaning Solution

Pour the ½ cup of water, ½ cup of white vinegar, and ½ tablespoon of cornstarch into a spray bottle.

While it may seem like a strange ingredient for the cleaning solution, cornstarch will help get the lipstick off of the mirror.

The cornstarch will give some texture to the cleaning solution for a gentle abrasive scrub.

The texture will help to scrub off the lipstick.

2. Shake The Cleaning Solution Well

Once you have added all the ingredients into the spray bottle, shake the cleaning solution well.

You want to be sure that you do not have clumps of cornstarch in your spray bottle.

The clumps will cause the tube in the bottle to clog and cause the cleaning solution not to work effectively or even cause a different type of mess on the mirror. 

3. Spray Mirror With Cleaning Solution

After the cleaning solution has been thoroughly mixed, spray the cleaning solution onto the lipstick on the mirror.

Be sure to cover the mirror fully but do not overspray the cleaning solution.

You can always pour more of the cleaning solution onto the lipstick if needed.

Wipe Mirror In An S-pattern

Using the microfiber cloth, wipe down the mirror.

Move your microfiber cloth in an s-pattern.

This s-pattern will ensure that you do not wipe the clean areas with a dirty cloth and only focus on the dirty areas of the mirror.

You do not want to spread the lipstick onto the clean parts of your mirror. 

Video Instructions

  • Step 1 (1:44) — Mix together cleaning solution
  • Step 2 (2:25) – Shake together cleaning solution well
  • Step 3 (2:48) – Spray mirror with cleaning solution
  • Step 4 (3:00) – Wipe mirror in s-pattern


What Makes Lipstick Difficult To Remove From A Mirror? 

Lipstick is often made up of wax, oil, and pigments.

These combinations can make it difficult to remove from mirrors.

The wax and oil ingredients in lipstick are not water-soluble, which require specific solutions to remove them entirely.

If the lipstick is not fully removed from the mirror, this will result in waxy and oily streaks on the window. 

Can I Use Paper Towels On A Mirror? 

Technically you can use paper towels on a mirror or glass.

These will not harm the mirror.

The issue with using paper towels is that it creates more waste as you will need to throw them away and grab more towels.

In addition, the paper towels leave little lint pieces behind on the mirror.

The lint pieces leave behind a different mess on your mirror.

This is why using a microfiber cloth is recommended.

These do not leave little lint pieces and can be washed in the washing machine.

Alternatively, if you have newspapers you were planning on recycling, you can also use them to clean mirrors and glass surfaces.

These will not be leaving behind the little lint pieces but will be thrown away like paper towels. 

Why Should I Wipe Mirrors And Glass In An S-pattern? 

The s-pattern is when you use your cleaning tool by moving back and forth in an s-pattern.

You will move from one end across to the other end, down, and then from one end to the other.

This will cause you not to overlap a dirty cloth with a clean surface.

It also ensures that you do not miss any part of the mirror.

If you clean in circles, this instead causes you to wipe the lipstick and other dirt over and over across the mirror.

Doing this will cause the lipstick to smudge and require you to replace your cleaning tool more frequently. 

What Other Products Remove Lipstick Stains From A Mirror?

Beyond using the water, white vinegar, and cornstarch mixture, there are several other products you can use to get lipstick off a mirror.

You also likely already have these products at home.

You can use rubbing alcohol applying it to the lipstick.

Doing this will help to emulsify the wax and break down the oils.

Similarly, liquid dish soap can do the same.

Apply some liquid dish soap to the lipstick and leave it there to emulsify the wax and break down the oil in the lipstick.

Then you can use water and a microfiber cloth to remove the lipstick and dish soap.

You can also try to use hairspray and ammonia to remove lipstick from the mirror.

Doing this works the same as rubbing alcohol due to the alcohol content.

The alcohol will emulsify the wax and dissolve the oil.

With all of these methods, be careful when wiping the lipstick off of the mirror.

You want to avoid smudging the lipstick across the mirror. 

Will Lipstick Ruin A Mirror?

No, it is rather unlikely that a lipstick stain will ruin the surface of a mirror.

There is nothing corrosive or damaging in the ingredients of the lipstick.

Since lipstick is mainly made of wax and oil, it will only be a layer on top of the mirror’s surface.

The longer the lipstick is on the mirror, the more difficult it will be to remove the lipstick.

Exposure to the air will cause the lipstick stain to dry out to a certain degree.

When cleaning older lipstick from a mirror, you don’t need to worry about the lipstick harming the mirror but more so repeating steps to clean the mirror.