How To Make Homemade Febreze

It’s wonderful to have a nice smelling home.

For the fabrics that occasionally need freshening and the rooms that need a little more attention, there is nothing like Febreze.

Unfortunately, Febreze is expensive, and the cost of a nice smelling house can add up quickly.

Thankfully, there is a solution: you can make your own homemade Febreze, and it works just as well as the store-bought Febreze.

We did the research, and by following the tips and advice below, you, too, will be able to enjoy a nice smelling house without the financial burden of buying Febreze pre-made.

Continue reading to learn how to make homemade Febreze.

What You’ll Need

You will need a few simple things to make your own homemade Febreze.

Empty Spray Bottle

This can be an empty Febreze bottle, or it can be another empty spray bottle you have in the house.

You can even purchase a new one on the household chemicals aisle of your local grocery store.

I recommend a bottle that will hold at least 16 oz, although the recipe can be doubled or tripled, depending on your bottle’s size.

You may also want a funnel to help you fill the spray bottle because that helps eliminate mess, but it is not necessary. 

2 Tablespoons of Vinegar

White vinegar works best for homemade Febreze.

You probably already have white vinegar at home, but if you find that you have run out of vinegar, I have had good success with Calyptus 45% Pure Super Concentrated Vinegar.

Because this vinegar is so concentrated, it can make up to 9 gallons of your standard 5% white distilled cleaning vinegar, plus it get excellent reviews on Amazon.

2 Tablespoons of Fabric Softener

Any brand of liquid fabric softener will work, so pick your favorite.

Try to pick one with a scent you like and with a chemical compilation you are comfortable with.

There are fabric softeners that contain fewer chemicals than others, which I like, but any type or brand of fabric softener will make good homemade Febreze.

If you’re looking for fabric softeners with lower chemical composition, try Downy Nature Blends Fabric Fabric Softener.

It’s free of dyes and parabens and 70% plant-based, plus it gets excellent reviews on Amazon.

1.5 Cups of Water

Your tap water will work well; you don’t need to purchase a particular brand of water.

The water dilutes the vinegar and fabric softener, making your homemade Febreze easier on your fabrics.

Step-By-Step Instructions For How To Make Homemade Febreze

Making your own homemade Febreze is easy, and if you follow these six steps, you will be able to enjoy your homemade Febreze in just a few minutes.

1. Clean Out Your Spray Bottle

Before you pour anything into your spray bottle, make sure your bottle is clean.

This is especially important if you are reusing a spray bottle.

Rinse out any remaining chemicals, and make sure the inside of your bottle is reasonably dry before you proceed.

It doesn’t have to be completely dry, but there shouldn’t be a puddle of water inside.

2. Pour 2 Tablespoons of Vinegar

Add two tablespoons of vinegar to your spray bottle.

You can use a funnel to help you pour all of the ingredients into your spray bottle; it helps limit spillage but isn’t a requirement for making Febreze with fabric softener.

3. Pour 2 Tablespoons of Fabric Softener

Next, add two tablespoons of your favorite fabric softener.

This recipe is designed to use a liquid fabric softener because the liquid mixes better with the vinegar and the water.

Pro tip: If you don’t love the scent of your fabric softener (or it doesn’t have one), you can add six to ten drops of your favorite extract or essential oil here, along with the two tablespoons of fabric softener.

This will amplify the scent of your homemade Febreze, making it smell even better.

I like vanilla extract and peppermint essential oil.

Lavender works in homemade Febreze as well, especially around the house.

4. Pour 1.5 Cups of Water

Add 1.5 cups of water to your spray bottle, which should fill your spray bottle up nicely.

I have found a funnel is helpful with this step, but again, it isn’t necessary. 

5. Shake Well

Once you have added all of your ingredients to the spray bottle, put the lid back on the bottle securely.

Then, shake the bottle until everything is well combined.

Enjoy Your Homemade Febreze


You have made your own homemade Febreze.

You can now enjoy all the comforts of Febreze without the price tag.

I recommend using daily on your home fabrics like carpets, couches, and bedding.

Of course, you can use it at your discretion.

On a related note, if you ever spill your homemade Febreze on your carpet, you may want to check out our article on how to get laundry detergent out of your carpet.

Pro tip: Remember to shake your homemade Febreze before you use it every single time.

The ingredients can separate if they sit for a while.

Additives are added to commercial Febreze to prevent separation, but you haven’t put any additives in.

If you shake your homemade Febreze before you use it each time, you won’t have to worry about separation and will enjoy your homemade Febreze through the whole bottle.

Commonly Asked Questions About How To Make Homemade Febreze

Can I use a crystallized fabric softener to make my homemade febreze?

Yes, but it requires a different recipe because the crystals have to dissolve.

If you want to use crystalized fabric softener instead of a liquid fabric softener, you will need hot water and two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol.

Combine all of the ingredients, place the lid on the bottle, and shake vigorously.

Even with the hot water and shaking vigorously, the crystallized fabric softener will take a few minutes to dissolve. 

What should I do if my homemade Febreze is leaving spots on hard surfaces?

If you find your homemade Febreze leaves spots on your hard surfaces like counters and tables, wipe your hard surfaces down with a damp rag immediately.

The homemade Febreze shouldn’t stain, and the damp rag will clean up any spots.


I hope you enjoyed learning how to make homemade Febreze.

We surely hope you have.

Homemade Febreze is easy to make, just as effective as store-bought Febreze, and is significantly cheaper.

Now you will be able to enjoy nice smelling fabrics in your house without the price tag; all you need is a little vinegar, water, and fabric softener.