How To Get Lipstick Out Of Hair

Let’s say it’s a windy day, and you have your makeup done.

If your hair is long enough, you may find some lipstick in your hair.

Or maybe your little one got their hands on your lipstick and just went wild and got the lipstick in their hair.

Sometimes a quick wash with shampoo and conditioner will do the job.

Sometimes not. The waxy, oily lipstick can be a pain to remove, but it is possible.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t fret.

We have done some research to find out the best and easiest ways to remove lipstick from hair.

Since lipstick is very similar to chapstick, to learn how to get lipstick out of hair, you also need to consider how to get chapstick out of hair.

The main difference is that it will also have the pigment of lipstick that will be important to remove. 

Continue reading below for the materials you will need.

What You’ll Need

Now that you’ve grabbed the couple of things you need, continue reading below for step-by-step instructions on how to get lipstick out of hair.

1. Apply Hair Mousse To Lipstick

Directly apply the hair mousse onto the lipstick in your hair.

Please leave it in your hair for a few minutes to dissolve and break down the lipstick.

2. Rub Hair Mousse Into Lipstick

Rub the hair mousse into the lipstick in your hair.

Rubbing will help the hair mousse to penetrate the lipstick and allow it to start dissolving the lipstick from the hair.

Rubbing the hair mousse will also help better distribute the hair mousse to cover as much of the lipstick as possible. 

3. Run Comb Through Hair To Remove Clumps 

The amount of lipstick in the hair is more likely an issue if a child plays with it and gets a lot in their hair.

Depending on the amount of lipstick in your hair, you may need to use a comb to break up the lipstick in your hair.

Also, using the comb will likely be necessary if it dries into your hair and has caused your hair to knot up.

After running your comb through, all the lipstick should be gone.

You can then wash your hair in the shower as usual. 

The following video shows how to remove gum from your hair but you can use the exact steps to remove lipstick as well.

Video Instructions

  • Step 1 (:51) — Apply hair mousse to lipstick
  • Step 2 (1:05) – Rub mousse into lipstick stain
  • Step 3 (1:19) – Take a comb through your hair to remove clumps


Why Is Lipstick Difficult To Remove From Hair? 

The waxy consistency can cause lipstick to be challenging to remove from your hair.

After trying to remove the lipstick from your hair, you may notice that there is still a waxy film to your hair.

That means that not all the lipstick was removed.

This is why using specific methods is necessary to remove the lipstick altogether from your hair.

This is also the case with the oily components of lipstick.

The oil can get stuck in your hair, causing you to use more specific cleaning steps to address the oil in the lipstick. 

In addition, if you have lighter hair, the lipstick pigment may be more visible.

Any residual pigment may also need more than just shampooing and conditioning in the shower to be entirely removed. 

What Are Other Ways To Remove Lipstick From Hair? 

There are also other at-home methods to remove lipstick from hair.

Some people have also found success using makeup remover.

Since these makeup removers are made specifically to address compounds found in makeup, such as waxy, oily, and pigmented lipstick, they can more readily address the lipstick in your hair.

Other methods are to use coconut oil to help break down the lipstick in the hair.

You can apply the coconut oil and let it sit for a while before washing it out with shampoo or even liquid dish soap.

Both liquid dish soap and shampoo should work to remove any oil residue from both the lipstick and the coconut oil.

You could also try to use hairspray.

Hairspray will allow you to remove most if not all of the lipstick in your hair.

The alcohol in the hairspray can work to break down the oils and emulsify the wax in the lipstick.

Similarly, you can also use rubbing alcohol to remove the lipstick from your hair.

It would help if you worked more sparingly with the rubbing alcohol in your hair as it is not meant to be used on hair. 

Can Vinegar Remove Lipstick Stains?

You can apply some white vinegar to the lipstick in your hair.

Allow it to sit for some time, and then wash it out.

Additionally, you can use white vinegar in your hair to remove lipstick.

Like other treatments, the white vinegar should break down the lipstick’s oils and wax.

The white vinegar should also help address any tint or stain left by the pigment of the lipstick.

You may want to use some baking soda in your hair to manage the decrease in pH due to the acidity of the white vinegar.

By adding some baking soda before washing out your hair, you can add some alkalinity to balance your hair and scalp’s pH.

No matter the method you end up using, you will want to make sure that you give your hair some nourishing treatment after completely removing the lipstick.

Some cleaning methods may be more harsh or abrasive than others and can damage your hair. 

Does Toothpaste Remove Lipstick?

Toothpaste is another remedy for removing lipstick from hair.

Simply apply toothpaste onto the area of the hair with the lipstick.

Gently rub the toothpaste into the hair.

Rinse it immediately then repeat until the lipstick is completely removed.

Is Lipstick Bad For Hair?

Lipstick is not necessarily bad for your hair, but it will make your hair unclean from the oils and wax within the lipstick.

The pigment, however, may cause some temporary discoloration of your hair.

If you have lighter hair, you may notice your hair is tinted from the lipstick.

This is why it is essential to remove any remaining lipstick from your hair thoroughly.

Some people do use lipstick to add color to hair due to the pigments temporarily.

However, it is better to keep lipstick out of your hair as that is not the intended use.