How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of A White Tablecloth

It’s a beautiful morning, and you are enjoying some coffee at your kitchen table, looking out the window, and watching some birds.

Oh no, what’s this? Have you spilled your coffee on your new white tablecloth?

Because of this is why you avoided getting one in the first place.

No need to continue avoiding white tablecloths and no reason to go out and buy a new one.

You can learn how to get coffee stains out of a white tablecloth by following the steps below. 

What You’ll Need

Now that you have everything you need, continue reading below for step-by-step instructions on how to get coffee stains out of a white tablecloth.

In addition, at the end of the article is a video showing how to remove coffee stains from a white tablecloth along with several frequently asked questions on the topic.

1. Mix Your Cleaning Solution

Mix one quart of water in a bucket, ½ teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent, and one tablespoon white vinegar.

Be sure to mix in the ingredients well, especially the dishwashing detergent.

Mixing the components will be easier if the water is warmer. 

2. Soak the White Tablecloth

Submerge the portion of the white tablecloth that has the coffee stain into the bucket with the solution.

Allow the white tablecloth and the coffee stain to sit in the bucket for 15 minutes.

3. Rinse and Dry the Tablecloth

Rinse the solution out of the white tablecloth and hand the white tablecloth to dry.

Once dry, if the coffee stain is removed, you can go ahead and wash your white tablecloth normally in your washing machine.

If it is still there, continue to the next step.

4. Apply Rubbing Alcohol

Using a clean sponge, dab rubbing alcohol onto the coffee stain.

Start from the edges of the stain and work your way to the center of the coffee stain.

Doing this will help to ensure that you do not spread the stain further out. 

5. Mix Together Your Enzyme Presoak Solution

In another bucket, create another solution using one quart of water and one tablespoon of an enzyme presoak.

Mix well to ensure the enzyme presoak has fully dissolved into the water.

6. Let Tablecloth Soak in Enzyme Presoak Solution

Put the coffee-stained white tablecloth into a bucket with the new enzyme presoak solution.

I recommend using BIZ – CRB-80575225525 Biz Laundry Detergent Powder Booster.

It contains stain-fighting enzymes plus gets excellent reviews on Amazon.

Let it soak in this new solution for 30 minutes.

Again, check to see if the coffee stain has been entirely removed from the white tablecloth.

If it has, you can wash it normally in the washing machine.

If the coffee stain remains, continue to the next step.

7. Run Through Washing Machine

Take the still coffee-stained white tablecloth and put it in the washing machine.

Wash the white tablecloth in the washing machine with fabric-safe oxygen bleach, like OxyClean. 

Video Instructions

The following video shows how to remove coffee stains in general, however will work just as well for your white tablecloth.

  • Step 1 (:09) — Mix solution
  • Step 2 (:18) — Soak white tablecloth
  • Step 3 (:28) — Rinse and dry
  • Step 4 (:34) — Apply rubbing alcohol
  • Step 5 (:45) — Mix presoak solution
  • Step 6 (:51) — Let soak
  • Step 7 (1:02) — Run washing machine


Why Use Enzyme Presoak?

Different enzymes will help break down different types of stains present in fabrics, like the white tablecloth.

Coffee is a tannin stain and will need enzymes to help degrade the stain by eating away at it.

An enzyme presoak is very helpful and possibly necessary, depending on how nasty the coffee stain is. 

What If I Do Not Have Enzyme Presoak Products In My Home?

If you do not wish to buy an enzyme presoak product, you can use a detergent that has enzymes instead.

Enzymes, due to their stain-degrading properties, are present in many types of laundry detergents.

However, not all laundry detergents contain enzymes, so it would be necessary to check to see if your laundry detergent contains enzymes. 

If you have a laundry detergent with enzymes in it, you can use this enzyme-containing laundry detergent to preserve your white tablecloth to aid in coffee stain removal.

Will White Vinegar Make The white tablecloth Smell?

No, white vinegar is a natural deodorizer.

Initially, when the white vinegar is wet on your white tablecloth, its strong smell will be present.

When it dries, however, the strong white vinegar smell will dissipate.

In addition, it is less harsh and more natural than most cleaning products, whose smell is toxic. 

How Does White Vinegar Clean Coffee Stains?

White vinegar is very acidic, and that acidity will help break down the buildup of coffee stains.

Because most coffee stains are acidic themselves, the acid will dissolve away other acids.

White vinegar will help to remove the coffee stain by dissolving it.

How Can I Reduce Coffee Stains On White Tablecloths?

The best way to reduce coffee stains on white tablecloths is to wash your white tablecloth frequently using oxygen-based bleaches.

You might be able to remove most of the coffee stain by running it under cold water.

Doing this can help to reduce coffee stains on your white tablecloth.

In addition, once coffee stains are made, it is best to address them immediately.

Are Coffee Stains On White Tablecloths Permanent?

No, you may have tough, set-in coffee stains on your tablecloth, but that does not mean that they are permanent.

If you have dark coffee stains that remain even after your typical tablecloth washing, that only means you will have some difficulty removing them.

If this is the case for your white tablecloth, you may need to repeat some of the steps above a couple of times to get out those tough tablecloth coffee stains. 

How Do I Remove The Coffee Smell From My White Tablecloth? 

If you are concerned about a lingering coffee smell, you can add baking soda to the wash cycle, which should help remove the coffee smell.

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and will absorb the odors from the coffee. 

How Can I Remove Dried Coffee Stains? 

Removing dried coffee stains is similar to eliminating fresh coffee stains.

The key is to make the coffee stain wet again.

By following the steps that include soaking, it should help to start to remove the coffee stain.