How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Hair

For those of us with new babies in the home, baby oil is a very common and necessary item that we use all the time.

We use it on our babies to add another layer of protection and to keep their skin from becoming dry.

It also has many uses that we don’t think of right away like treating some scalp conditions or even using it to remove gum out of hair.

While these uses are very helpful, have you ever put so much in the hair that it just becomes an oily mess?

This is because the main ingredient in baby oil is mineral oil.

Mineral oil is hydrophobic and will not dissolve in even the hottest water.

It takes more than your regular shampoo process to remove baby oil from your child’s hair.

Don’t worry about it though because if you have found this article we are going to go over how to get baby oil from your child’s hair in detailed steps.

What You’ll Need

In this section we will discuss what you need to remove the baby oil from your child’s hair.

If you have baby oil, chances are you have everything else that you will need to remove the oil already in your home.

If not, however, the things that are needed can be picked up at a low cost from almost anywhere.

Baby Powder

The first item you will need is baby powder.

Try to use powder from the same manufacturer as the baby oil.

The baby powder acts as an absorbing agent.

I like to use this one.

Baby Shampoo

Next, you will need some baby shampoo.

As with the powder, if you can use the same manufacturer that made the oil it will be more effective.

It is designed to remove the baby oil from the hair.

If you can’t find it, a good option is Cetaphil baby shampoo.

Lemon Juice

You’re probably thinking, what!

Lemon juice is very acidic and will act as a drying agent in this oil removing process.

You don’t have to use this the first time but I would recommend if the first round of oil removal doesn’t get all of it out, try the lemon juice on the second round.

This one gets great reviews on Amazon.

Liquid Dish Soap

You can use the current dish soap that you’re using to wash dishes.

If you have to go out and buy some, I think Dawn is probably you’re best bet for this job.


Any kind of sensitive hair conditioner will work just fine.

And that’s it! Those are the items that you will need to remove baby oil from your child’s hair.

Step By Step Instructions For How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Hair

Here, we go over detailed steps on how to get baby oil out of hair.

Before we get into the steps, you need to make sure that you do this process either in the bathtub, sink, or outside because it can get a little messy. (My favorite is outside because we can have a little fun with the mixture we create without making a huge mess in the bathroom or kitchen.)

#1. Apply The Baby Powder

Sprinkle the baby powder into the hair. It will absorb the oil in the hair follicles.

Tell the child to shake their head a little to get rid of all the excess powder.

Comb the hair thoroughly to spread the powder over all the hair.

This will help the powder soak up the oil and make it easier to rinse out.

Let the powder sit in for five minutes before moving on to the next step.

#2. Mix In Dish Soap And Shampoo

Next, you want to mix a tablespoon of your liquid dish soap of choice with a tablespoon of the baby shampoo that you’re using.

#3. Wet Your Hair

Wet the child’s hair just enough to build a good lather up.

Make sure that you don’t pour too much water on their head and wash the powder, soap, and shampoo out before they have had time to do their job.

Rub the lather down to the scalp all over the head.

#4. Wait A Few Minutes

You need to wait just a couple of minutes in order to let the mixture work its magic and break down the oil.

#5. Rinse With Warm Water

Rinse the hair out with the warmest water your little one can stand.

It will be necessary to do this process several different times in order to get the mixture completely out.

#6. Apply Conditioner

You will need to condition your child’s hair afterward because this process will dry their hair out.

This step is especially important if you use the lemon juice suggestion below.

Pro Tip:

If you choose to use the lemon juice, pour it on the hair in place of the powder.

It’s not necessary to use both lemon juice and baby powder.

The acidity in the lemon juice will remove the baby oil from the hair.

Shampoo the hair after leaving the lemon juice in for a few minutes.

Make sure you get all the lemon juice out because if you leave it in and let your child play outside, the sun’s rays will react with it and lighten their hair.

The lemon juice will dry out the hair so make sure you condition it well after shampooing it out.


Now you know, step by step, how to get baby oil out of hair.

Doing this can save you some money and hassle by taking away the need for a trip to the barbershop.

It’s not a tricky process and you can even make it fun by adding some games with your little one during the waiting times while removing the baby oil.

This is just another way to create memories and build lasting bonds with your babies.

Happy oil removing!