How To Clean A Chocolate Fountain

While the thought of having a chocolate fountain at your party may be mouth-watering, the idea of cleanup afterward is likely less so.

Cleaning chocolate, in general, is messy, but liquid chocolate is very messy as it can get everywhere!

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t fret.

We have been where you are and because of that, have done some research to learn the best way to clean a chocolate fountain.

It may seem intimidating at first, but you can quickly learn how to clean a chocolate fountain by following the steps below!

What You’ll Need

Now that you’ve assembled all the materials you need, follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to clean a chocolate fountain.

1. Scrape Away Excess Chocolate 

After the chocolate fountain is no longer being used and is unplugged, begin to scrape away the excess chocolate.

Using a rubber spatula, scrape the chocolate down the fountain.

Aim for the chocolate to fall into the basin at the bottom.

2. Disassemble Chocolate Fountain

Once you have removed most of the chocolate, following your chocolate fountain’s manual, carefully disassemble your chocolate fountain.

While dismantling, using your hands or the rubber spatula, continue to scrape off the excess chocolate that will appear during this process.

3. Soak Fountain Parts In Soapy Water

Carefully place the fountain parts into a sink or container filled with soapy water, excluding the basin.

The soapy water should just be made of dish soap and hot water; no additives are necessary. 

Leave the parts to soak for at least 20 minutes.

Doing this should allow the excess chocolate to be removed or loosened from the fountain parts.

The longer it soaks, the easier it will be for you to clean the chocolate from the fountain!

4. Remove Excess Chocolate From Basin

While the fountain parts are soaking in the soapy water, remove the excess chocolate from the fountain’s basin.

You can choose to dispose of the chocolate by throwing it away in the trash, or you can choose to store it in a container for later use.

It will just need to be reheated to melt the chocolate. 

Be extra careful with this step as you want to make sure that your excess chocolate makes it into the proper receptacle or container you are putting it in.

Otherwise, you can be left with an even larger and less contained chocolatey mess.

5. Scrape The Basin With Spatula 

Once you have removed most of the chocolate from the basin, scrape the basin with the rubber spatula.

Any chocolate you are getting with the spatula can either go into the trash or into the container you are using to store the leftover chocolate.

6. Wipe Out Remainder Of Chocolate 

The basin is more challenging to clean than the other parts as you will not be soaking it.

Before washing, try removing even more chocolate from the basin.

Use a paper towel to absorb and remove as much chocolate from the basin as possible.

7. Wash Out The Basin With Soapy Water

Place the basin near the sink or container you have your soapy water in for the other fountain parts.

Using a sponge, wash out the basin using soapy water.

Do not submerge the basin as this is where the electrical components are.

Continue washing with the sponge until all of the chocolate has been removed from the basin. 

8. Rinse Out Basin 

Hold the basin and unit tilted over a sink.

Pour some water into a cup and use that water to rinse the basin out.

Alternatively, if your sink has a hose or sprayer, use that to rinse out the basin.

Be sure to hold the basin tilted so that the water does not sit in the basin but instead empties into the sink.

9. Wash Fountain Parts

Either in a dishwasher or by hand in soapy water, wash the remaining fountain parts.

Check to see the manual of your chocolate fountain to see if the fountain parts can be run through the dishwasher.

If they are dishwasher safe, go ahead and wash them using the dishwasher.

If not, clean the components by handwashing.

Be sure to be careful with the parts of the fountain that may be sharp. 

Any cylindrical parts of your chocolate fountain may be challenging to clean for both handwashing and in the dishwasher.

Not all sponges and handled sponges will be able to reach into the cylinder.

Try using a paper towel to clean out the inside of the cylinder by pulling the paper towel through the cylinder.

If there are any particular small and hard-to-reach areas, use a cotton swab as well. 

Video Instructions

Watch the following video to help clarify any of the steps above.

  • Step 1 (:14) — Scrape away excess
  • Step 2 (:23) — Disassemble fountain
  • Step 3 (:55) — Soak parts in hot water and dish soap
  • Step 4 (1:05) — Remove excess chocolate
  • Step 5 (1:18) — Scrape the basin
  • Step 6 (1:24) — Wipe out excess with a paper towel
  • Step 7 (1:34) — Wash out basin
  • Step 8 (1:52) — Rinse out basin
  • Step 9 (2:05) — Wash fountain parts


Can Chocolate In A Chocolate Fountain Be Reused? 

Yes, the chocolate can be reused.

You can keep the chocolate for later use in a food-safe container.

You can freeze it for up to one month and still use it.

Limit the number of times you use the chocolate and label the container to know how old the chocolate is. 

What Should I Do If The Chocolate In My Chocolate Fountain Has Hardened?

It is best to remove the chocolate as soon as you are done and the fountain has cooled.

Otherwise, you run the risk of having hardened chocolate in the fountain.

If you do encounter this, you need to reheat the fountain to remelt the chocolate.

When this happens, the chocolate and the chocolate fountain will be warm again.

You will need to take caution when cleaning the fountain and removing the chocolate to avoid burning yourself on the fountain or chocolate or burning a hole through any trash bags or containers with the chocolate.